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Make an impact...

Video is the most powerful medium for making an impact - it works on a visual, auditory and emotional level and it can get your message across fast. Find out more about our video services...

Immersion and presence - an awesome experience

Immerse your audience like never before with a 360 video - viewable on a laptop, smartphone/tablet, Google Cardboard or, best of all, a dedicated VR headset such as the Samsung Gear VR. If you're new to this medium and you're in Sydney, give us a call and we'll be happy to give you a demo.

We'll teach you to fish for ever more in the pond of video...

So, you'd love to add more video to your website to grow your brand awareness and to promote your expertise, products, services and your points of difference... but the cost!!! "Hmm, how hard can it be to shoot videos myself? Although, the last time I tried a home-video everyone complained of sea-sickness I got so carried away with that zoom button! Oh well, I'm sure my competitors can't afford professional quality video either, so it should be fine...!!! "

Where do I start?
We have producers and writers who can help...

Starting a project is often the toughest step. Talk to our producers and writers for inspiration.

Ready to shoot...
In-house camera and audio kit

We have our own in-house camera kit featuring a Canon C-100 with Ninja, a range of lenses, two radio mics, a boom mic, an extensive lighting kit and a green screen.

What do I do with this video footage I shot?
In-house post production suites

We have a couple of edit suites in house fully equipped with edit and graphics software.

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