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Planning guide for event recordings

If you are booking the video recording of an event you are organising, please keep in mind the following:

    We will need access to the room the event is taking place in TWO hours prior to the start time in order to allow us sufficient time to bump the video gear in, set-up the multiple cameras, microphones, lights, etc.
    For an event shoot, we generally need one parking space to be booked with security. If the shoot is taking place in Building D, Crystal and AJ are used to us coming in so the normal procedure is that they allow us into the basement car park loading dock to unload our gear. They then provide us with a lift and carpark pass. We then move the vehicle out to the outside car park if there are no spaces available underground.
    In the booking form, there is an area to provide more details about your requirements. It would be helpful if you would let us know how many people are speaking as part of the event, including the host. If it is a panel session, please let us know how many people will be on the panel and if they’ll be set behind a table, on sofas, etc. so that we can plan how to capture the audio.
    We will need to include any speaker support material in the final video so please send us, or make available on the day, any speaker presentations and pre-amble/branding slides that are going to be used. We can accept either PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. If the presenter is usingPrezi, please ask them for an online link and any passwords so we can capture it directly ourselves post event.
    Please send us any branding elements and guidelines you have created for the event. We will use these in the titles. The end of the video is a good opportunity to thank the presenters, sponsors, etc and also to add a Call to Action for future events. Again, just send us any details you would like incorporated.
    As we tend to need to attach a radio lapel microphone to the speakers, please ask any female participants to not wear dresses unless they intend wearing a jacket over the top with pockets.  It is far easier for us to drop the microphone receiver into a pocket or attach it to the back of slacks or a skirt where it can be more discreet for the wearer.Please also note that fine patterns and prints, herringbones and thin pinstripes can cause a shimmering effect (moiré pattern lines) on video which is distracting to the viewer. Bold patterns and plain colours are preferred from our perspective. Also, pure white and pure black tops, as well as bright reds and orange, tend to render poorly on video. So, if male speakers intend to just wear shirt sleeves and no jacket, then a blue, coloured or bold pinstriped shirt is preferred. Jewellery can also be a problem as noisy and dangly bracelets, earrings and necklaces can be distracting on the audio. Yes, we are fussy!!!
  • WHAT WE PROVIDE – cameras and audio:
    For event recordings, we generally use three cameras and one operator – the main operated camera with a long lens to capture a close-up of the speaker; a second camera with a wide lens to provide a shot of the screen and presenter/panel; and a small discreet GoPro camera set in front of the audience to provide a speaker/audience wide shot. This configuration allows us to create a more visually engaging end product for you.On the audio side, we have two radio lapel microphones. This means that if there are more than two speakers, we will need to swap microphones around. For panel sessions, we use free-standing Zoom audio recorders and mic up the two main speakers with the lapel microphones. For non-panel sessions, we also use the Zoom recorders to provide a back-up audio recording (radio interference is not unheard of with radio microphones) and to try and capture any audience questions.
  • NOTE: Unfortunately, we cannot currently tap into the in-house audio systems in the Nestlé and Globe breakout areas. Consequently, it does mean the speakers may need to wear TWO microphones – ours for recording their audio and the in-house radio or hand-held mics for relaying their voice to the PA system. 
    After the shoot, we will aim to provide you with a first cut within ten working days. If you need the video faster than that, please let us know beforehand and we’ll schedule it accordingly.
    The finished edit will be provided to you via a password protected Vimeo link. Alternatively, we can provide you with a Dropbox link upon request. Once you are happy with the video, use the button below the Vimeo video window to select your download option. Please note, that an hour long video file is likely to be a couple of Gb of data so can take a while to both upload and download.Once you have downloaded the video file, you will then need to upload it to the Nestlé in-house Kontiki video publishing platform.
    If you would like to make the final video available for public viewing, we can remove the password protection on the Vimeo file. We can also format it and upload it to YouTube for you if you would prefer. Remember, you will need signed permission forms from your speakers and Nestlé branding/legals may also need consulting beforehand!
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