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The ROAD to RETAIL – website & online courses

We recently co-founded a new online education venture – The ROAD to RETAIL – with retail marketing guru Kevin Moore.

Kevin is the Chairman of one of Australia’s largest retail marketing agencies, Crossmark, and has been involved in retail marketing for more years than he cares to remember. Through his unique experience of working in the retail field across many continents, he has developed up his perception of the three essential ingredients to sustainable retail success. He calls these “The Retail Trifecta” and they are: great store formats; genuine service from passionate and loyal sales staff and excellent point-of-sale and back-office systems. The point is, if you get each of these elements right, they have a multiplying benefit.

Together, we have produced an online course with over 4 hours of video and audio content to help retailers grow their business. The course “Master the Shopper Experience to build your retail business” is available on the Udemy online education platform.

We’ve also built a website to support the project. The site is primarily a celebration of retail excellence from around the world.

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