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An introduction to the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation – video

The Entrepreneurs’ Organisation is a vibrant global group of entrepreneurs who support each other to help improve and grow their businesses. We produced this video for EO to help explain to both the media and prospective members what it meant to be part of EO.

The video featured a series of interviews with Australian members who explain the criteria for membership, how EO works and what they’ve gained by being members. We shot the interviews using two cameras and applied a black and white treatment to the closeup “moving” angle to give the overall  video more dynamism than would have been possible with one static angle on each interviewee.

Just a quick thank you for all the effort you put into organising and producing the promotional video for the media event. This video was a great way to present EO to the media and is a great tool for us to use in future. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again.

Michelle Gamble, EO Sydney Communications Chair.




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