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360 VR Video Production

360 VR Video Production Services

  • 360 VR video is a spherical video format that allows the viewer to "look around" the scene - literally! (See our Tulloch 360 VR examples below). So what's so great about 360 video? Well, if you're watching it on your computer and navigating around with the mouse - probably not that much. If you're viewing it by moving your smart phone or tablet around then it is quite impressive and novel. However, if you're viewing it using a Google Cardboard viewer or, far more impressively, via a Samsung Gear VR or other full specification VR headset, then quite a lot. Why, because you then become totally immersed in the scene. It takes over your brain in a far more impactful way than normal video.
  • There's no doubt about it that the bulk of the 360 VR videos you'll see out there currently are of drone footage of locations, diving shots or recordings of live events. However, where we believe the power of VR lies is in the ability to immerse the viewer in scenes. Imagine you want to produce a training module on workplace bullying. Traditional video can be quite powerful in telling this story but imagine you're right in the middle of a bullying scene. You're standing right next to the victim and bully witnessing it first hand. You can see the emotion on the faces. You can literally "feel" the situation. This is the level of presence that 360 video achieves. It's "virtually" as if you were there.
  • Video is a great business tool. It helps viewers get a better feel for your business, products or services and the people behind them. But imagine being able to literally "take" your viewers along to see what you want them to see. What's more, because the viewer is so immersed, it means that emotionally powerful content will have even greater impact than normal video. So, how would you use it? We believe that any corporate that adopts 360 VR for graduate recruitment, employee induction (you can take both on a virtual tour of your business visiting the CEO in his office, factory production lines, branches, meet executives, etc), culture immersion, training and general corporate promotion will gain an edge over their competitors.
  • At SILVER WOLF Productions, we have invested in the latest VR video equipment and software. We have a seven camera rig for recording high quality (8k) 360 video and stills. This rig is fantastic for recording locations, interviews, etc but one of the challenges is that it isn't ideal for getting really close to the action. For that, we have a special two camera fisheye rig that allows us to get so close, you're virtually touching the lens - this was the missing piece for us to allow us to "really get amongst it" for recordings where we want to take our viewers near enough to clearly see face expressions, emotions, etc. We also have all the stitching and editing software and designers who can produce 360 menu interfaces, etc.
  • We appreciate that this is a new medium that needs to be seen to be believed. So if you're a Sydney based business then we're more than happy to meet up to demonstrate why we're such believers in the potential of 360 VR video. Just contact us through the Contact page and we'll arrange an appointment.

360 VR Timelapse of Tulloch Winery

The ROAD to RETAIL visits Tulloch Winery

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