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Immersive 360 degree videos to wow your audience!

Virtual Reality is not just for gaming geeks, it's actually a VERY, VERY powerful tool for businesses. Why is it so powerful? Because it's totally immersive. It feels like you're actually there! And we mean "feels". It's not just about pretty aerial pictures and tours of the world's stunning locations - it's about emotions. You are so immersed, you feel part of the scene. Training, induction internal communication will never be the same again!

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It's what we do!

At SILVER WOLF Productions, we specialise in producing effective videos for our corporate clients. Whether it be a full blown corporate overview, a graphics intensive "explainer," a talking head against a green screen or multi-camera coverage of an event - we have the skills and experience to deliver results.

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Our fun corporate video coaching service

Video is a great tool for promoting your business, brand, service and expertise. But professionally produced video can be beyond the budget of many businesses. Instead, let Silver Wolf teach you the skills and techniques you need to create your own professional videos. We offer a range of fun, informative and practical workshops and online courses - from creating quality videos with an iPhone/iPad all the way up to full courses that cover interview techniques, thought-leadership videos and recording live events. We also offer a range of production support and editing services to assist you to finalise your own videos with impact.

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360 VR - Tulloch Winery timelapse

360 VR - Tulloch Winery Timelapse

If you haven't seen a 360 VR video before, if you're viewing this on a smart phone or tablet, just hit play and then rotate your device around. If you're watching it on a computer, just click on the picture whilst it's playing and scroll around. The best way to watch it though is either with a Google Cardboard viewer or, preferably a Samsung Gear VR. Check out our VR section for more videos.

Client Testimonials


WOW! This is fabulous… just awesome!!!!! You’ve done a brilliant job. I got goosebumps watching the video this morning. Had a very positive response and great feedback from everyone who has seen it.

Kerrie McVicker, HR Activations Specialist, Nestlé

Nestlé We Make Nestlé videos

I just wanted to let you know that I am receiving very complimentary commentary about the quality of the two videos you produced for us! Thank you very much. Great work.

Sharon Sherry, Marketing and Membership Manager, Financial Services Council.

Financial Services Council Interviews to promote event

We needed to deliver multiple messages across multiple brands to our sales teams around the country while making the delivery really engaging. With Nigel we came up with a plan, executed it with Tim Bailey and ended up with a video that delivered exactly that. The attention to detail and service provided was outstanding which made the process a pleasure to execute. I have no hesitation to recommend Nigel and the team at Silver Wolf for any production and will definitely be using them in the future.

Jaimee Leigh Curtis, Assistant Brand Manager, Nestlé Medicated

Nestlé Medicated Medicated "weather" video

Thanks so much for the informative, practical and easy to implement tips you shared during our VideoForBusiness training session. We are now in a much better position to create impactful business and product videos which we know will assist us in generating greater exposure for our brand and website; and importantly assist in driving sales.

Anneke van den Broek, Director, Rufus & Coco.

Rufus & Coco VideoForBusiness team training session

Just a quick thank you for all the effort you put into organising and producing the promotional video for the media event. This video was a great way to present EO to the media and is a great tool for us to use in future. We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again.

Michelle Gamble, Communications Chair, Sydney.

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